Spanning three passionate generations offering the best visual health service & more than thirty thousand treated patients in the last five years.


Opticas Jarmar was founded by Doctor Jorge Aranda Marín 55 years ago, in the beautiful city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, on July 1, 1966. Throughout a decade, our founder collaborated and strengthened his experience in the field by working hand to hand with important opticians and, once he returned to his home state, he started his own business with the vision of becoming a leader in visual health in Chiapas, without imagining the impact he would have in the future.

With the opening of the main branch being the second visual health clinic in Tuxtla, we are now the oldest operating visual health clinic in Chiapas advising and bringing visual health to more t
Dr. Aranda is now considered a visionary and pioneer of Visual Health in Mexico, thanks to his more than 60 years of experience and will always be remembered for all the love and passion he put into everything he did, as well as someone who always gave his best for his business and  family; his two greatest loves.

In December 1967 Dr. Aranda married Rosalinda Tello, with whom he formed a great team, positioning Ópticas Jarmar as one of the most important clinics in Chiapas and southeastern Mexico. Ms. Tello was the right arm and unconditional support for his “Chaparro”,supporting him in everything; such as the clinic’s administration, sales and even optometry, in addition to forming a family of three children together.

Jorge Aranda Tello, their second son, studied Optometry at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes and, after completing his studies in 1994,  returned to Tuxtla Gutiérrez to work alongside his parents. As a graduate in Optometry and with the vision he had, he revolutionized Ópticas Jarmar by incorporating the concept of Clinic and Optics and began providing Chiapas with the best service and quality in visual health studies.

Our chief operating officer, Dr. Jorge Aranda is considered a great reference in the clinical optics sector in Mexico and Latin America, giving conferences, courses and advice to optometrists, owners of visual health clinics and optometry students, and is characterized by his great passion to  always give his patients the best consultation.

The eldest daughter of the family, Rosalinda Aranda Tello returned to Chiapas in 1995 to study hotel business administration at the UAG in the city of Guadalajara. With her qualities and experience in international hotel chains, she brought order and great administrative capacity to the family business. Since her entry and to date she is the administrative and finance director. Thanks to her, Ópticas Jarmar has managed to maintain itself and grow during all these years despite the different adversities experienced by family businesses.

In 2018, Germán González Aranda, the eldest grandson of the family and son of Rosalinda Aranda,  joined the family business, thus being the third generation working shoulder to shoulder with the family. Graduated with a degree in Financial Administration from Tec de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe, he joined the family business with the aim of bringing new ideas and projects to the company, and, since his arrival, has implemented projects such as the development of a new operating system with integrated clinical history,

the creation of an online store, a sunglasses brand, and the use of all digital marketing tools to boost the family business.
Most recently, Diana González Aranda, a graduate of the Business Administration degree from Tec de Monterrey Campus Monterrey and youngest daughter of Rosalinda, sister of Germán, joined Ópticas Jarmar in 2021 with the aim of supporting all administrative, operational and marketing issues.

Ópticas Jarmar

Prior to Diana’s incorporation, In January 2020, Ópticas Jarmar opened a branch in the city of Tijuana, Baja California with the  aim of being part of a prestigious and comprehensive holistic health services clinic on the Mexican border.

“Despite the difficult times we have faced since the opening, we can proudly say that we have gained the trust of Tijuanenses to take care of their visual health and that of their families”

Opticas Jarmar currently has two branches in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez where Chiapas families are proudly served and have their visual health treated.